Terpon Offering VR Equipment For Free

neu bei terpon models

Webcam manufacturer Terpon offers camgirls and studios that register with the company the opportunity to receive 3D VR cameras free of charge. This applies to the first 1,000 models or studios to register. European camgirls are also eligible to participate in the program.

Up to 1,000 cam performers and studios can get free VR equipment to give their followers an immersive experience. At the same time, performers with VR technology will be a little ahead of the competition regarding technology.

Jean-Claude Artonne is CEO of the camera manufacturer Terpon. In a statement on the large-scale offer, he says: »The Terpon Hermes camera is a world-class streaming video device capable of broadcasting in traditional 2D, 3D or full VR at the same time. That means you can use it for any live webcam show and be seen in the format your fans prefer most. If one fan wants to watch on a laptop, another prefers seeing you on a 3D television, and the rest all want to check you out in truly immersive Virtual Reality, you just turn on the camera and it does all the rest for you.«

Breakthrough for Virtual Reality?

Industry observers and webcam actors have been expecting the breakthrough of VR technology in the cam scene for quite some time. Now it could be time to reassess the competition in the lucrative business. The entire VR industry is also hoping for a surge in demand for devices as more and more camgirls stream with the new technology.

According to Terpon, the company is already shipping the first cameras to models and studios that have registered on the Terpon website. In the future, it will be possible to rent the equipment for 30 dollars a month.

Artonne adds: »We are already working diligently on the next version of the cameras, and will continue to push the envelope to make sure Terpon cameras help models maintain and important competitive advantage. Technology is what we do, and the upcoming product line of integrated toys, cameras and support promise to be the easiest way for any model, studio or cam platform to grow their revenue in the short and long term.«

If you are interested in the offer or the manufacturer and its products, you can find more information here.


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