Svakom Products In Netflix Series

build a sex room

The Netflix series »How To Build A Sex Room« features several products from the high-end sex toy manufacturer Svakom. The unusual renovation series is a welcome addition to the sextoy-friendly content in mainstream media.

The VENUS exhibitor’s products already have a global appeal and are regularly on the lists of highly recommended smart sex toys. But with the exposure on the beloved streaming website Netflix, Svakom will probably get a boost in sales as Netflix is still one of the most influential media platforms worldwide.

The series is hosted by Melanie Rose, a British interior designer, helping a couple. In each episode, Rose meets with a couple to help them create a sex room specifically tailored to their unique desires and needs.

A representative of Svakom commented on the comopany’s products featured on the program, »Sexual diversity, wellness and pleasure are at the forefront of Svakom’s values. We’re excited to see a show that celebrates desire and frames it in a positive light – and especially to see our products show up.«

The Svakom toys appear in several episodes but get huge expose on the episodes three to five. The spokesperson added, »It was an amazing surprise, watching and seeing the appreciation for the products we make.«

If you want to know more about Svakom visit the company’s website.


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