Sex kicks! RedTube Becomes Soccer Sponsor

redtube sponsors soccer team

Whenever you think of porn and soccer together you probably think of the MILF and Soccer Mom category on NSFW websites. Well, this might change if the recently announced sponsorship of the soccer team Washington Square FC by infamous porn site RedTube will be successful.

While soccer is still predominantly played by young girls and America’s favorite sports will probably remain American Football and Baseball, a new sponsorship deal signals that what belongs together might actually come together: the worlds of adult and sports entertainment.

According to MassLive Washington Square FC, a soccer team in Brookline, Massachusetts just announced the new partnership with porn giant RedTube. In an interview team captain Jon Klippert declared »We [had] to buy jerseys, field equipment. We thought we’d go big and try to find someone to bring in a revenue stream.«

So, the team adopted a rather pragmatic approach to their financial problems and scored big. They contacted RedTube via Twitter and shockingly got a »yes« within 10 minutes. In an interview with American Pyramid Blog Klippert went on: »He and I (former player Jaime Skelton) were slightly intoxicated one night with a few other players and we were joking about getting sponsored by a Porn Company.« Initially, they didn’t think it would really work. »But Jaime has a great talent for writing (…) So, he crafted a letter than he and I did some edits, took a screen shot and sent it to RedTube’s Twitter.«

Jon explains: »Here is where we met Emma, who runs their social media account and as soon as it went up, we got over 50 likes and are still getting more. She DM’d us and I spoke with here about what would be in the details of the agreement.«

The RedTube logo will be featured on the team’s soccer shirts. Both sides did not comment on financial details of the deal. But Washington FC is looking into a much brighter future. Operational costs of running even minor teams are high and sponsorships for little league teams rare. The deal became possible even though porn sites normally are barred from sponsorship deals in professional sports because the team is playing in a minor league and does not have to comply with regulations for big teams.

The huge international media coverage turned out to be extremely beneficial for the passionate soccer players of Washington Square FC. At least for now they try to go with the flow and showcase again their remarkable talent for seizing on opportunities. Within days after opening an online shop for selling their newly branded soccer shirts, the team reported already 200 orders from all over the world. Customers come from Europa and Asia alike.

Jon Klippert is not apologetic about the unusual deal: »It’s a bit odd to have it and some people think it’s controversial but let’s be real here, it’s a men’s league club and we have done something that is unique.«

So, way to go Washington Square FC: Maybe Americans will become more interested in soccer after all!





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