RedTube Presents … Postcards! With A Raunchy Twist

post cards

Jessica Sroczynski reports for »RedTube, the massive porn platform, just launched Speak From the Heart, a new line of adult greeting cards. Their online shop features 20 cheekily designed messages that cover a variety of occasions. The idea, as they said in a statement, is to “give the gift of getting off.” If all goes as planned, you’ll hopefully receive a little something-something in return.

Alex Taylor, RedTube’s VP, says, “Think of us as the sexy alternative to Hallmark.”

Hmm, if we must. Wondering what kind of occasion would call for such a sentiment? Taylor explains, “In an age of disappointing online dating apps, we all have that friend who has fallen on ‘hard’ times, or perhaps, you know someone with an 18th birthday around the corner; either way, you can now give them a lift with a perfectly matched RedTube card.”

Their launch comes, of course, just in time for Father’s Day, and naturally there’s a card for the DILF in your life. (Obviously not to give to your own dad though…that’s disgusting.) There’s always room for a hot new take on an old classic.

Obviously, only you can decide if this is how you want to let that special someone in your life know you’re thinking about them, but for the right person this could be the perfect way to share your dirty thoughts.«


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