Pornhub Made A Sweet Christmas Ad For Lonely People

It’s that time of the year again, when Pornhub merges the celebration of the birth of Jesus and, well, porn.

Pornhub enjoyed a pretty successful Christmas advertising debut last year, with its SFW spot about the dirty old man—and his perfect present—getting millions of views on YouTube. So, the adult site is returning with an encore.

A new 90-second spot, again made by Madrid creative agency Officer & Gentleman, takes place in a miniature town, where all sorts of people are lonely on Christmas Eve. But one by one, they receive the same present via email—and it brightens their lonely night considerably. (The new spot is also SFW.)

In a special nod to the Super Bowl-like evolution of Christmas into an advertising showcase, the spot also references famous characters from famous Christmas ads of years past—with Justino, the Spanish lottery’s mannequin factory worker, and the Man on the Moon, from last year’s John Lewis spot, among those making cameos in the Pornhub ad.

“After last year’s spot, we decided we wanted our Christmas campaign to become a hallmark of the holiday season for the whole family,” Corey Price, vp of Pornhub, said in a statement. “This year we’ve gone big, as we know Christmas ads are a big thing.”

Pornhub has been exploring SFW advertising for a few years now, and the new spot is definitely well produced. But they couldn’t resist a tagline that’s more naughty than nice: “Have yourself a horny little Christmas.”



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