Pornhub Knows A Lot And It Is Talking Statistics

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Pornhub is the world’s most popular delivery service for porn. It knows a lot about you, your neighbors, your boss, your mayor, in fact, about pretty much anyone with an internet connection. Celebrating its 10th anniversary the company published some data on the porn habits of its users.

The 75 million internet users frequenting every day from around the world are telling the website a lot. And while that might be a little unsettling for you as a consumer, it is also quite interesting, so much so that New York Magazine thinks the stats Pornhub released might be considered »the Kinsey Report of our time«.

The company’s data reveals many interesting tidbits and fun facts about global tastes, mainstream interests, particular kinks, and fetishes. It is also telling about the fact that people’s porn tastes are aligned with current trends and topics. We know f.ex. that Fidget Spinner, Covfeve and Wonder Woman are trending search topics on adult porn sites in early 2017. After Kim Kardashian was robbed in 2016 global interest in »burglar« porn seemed to spike. When news about the infamous »Russian dossier« about President Donald J. Trump’s alleged »pee tape« surfaced in the mainstream media the searches for »golden showers« grew over 280%.

But while short-term trends make for some amusing headlines, the data is also useful to recognize macrotrends. Millenials, for example, are extremely interested in porn involving »cosplay« scenarios. In case you are running a casting couch company, you might be interested to know that users spend 6 minutes and 37 seconds on average in the category for »Redheads« while they tend to spend more time browsing through videos labeled »Old/Young«, more than 11 minutes to be precise.

The most popular category among American women (regardless of North America or South America) is »lesbian«. Pornhub’s data is really detailed and could be a trove for marketing specialists in adult entertainment worldwide. Some results might be expected: Prime time for porn is Midnight and Christmas Eve one of the slowest days for porn. Christmas morning though sees a 34% above average porn consumption – people apparently have to catch up on lost orgasms. Another bad day for porn is non-surprisingly Valentine’s Day.

So if you are just interested in the data because it is amusing to see what your fellow humans are jerking off to, dive into Pornhub’s report and have fun. But if you are someone out to make money in adult entertainment you should be analyzing this birthday present from one of the biggest players in the adult industry day in and day out.



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