Pornhub Closes Down Official GirlsDoPorn Account


After concerns that the founder of the porn website GirlsDoPorn had escaped court proceedings and fled to New Zealand, it now seems that the company’s criminal business practices will lead to its contents being banned.

The disappearance of GirlsDoPorn founder Michael Pratt has made headlines worldwide. 22 women sued him and his company because they were cheated under false pretenses and stalked in the aftermath. As it turned out, the concept behind the website was from the outset to out and expose widely inexperienced and unaware actresses after the publication of porn recordings on the net and to make them vulnerable to Doxxing fetishists.

Doxxing as part of the business model

Many of the actresses suffered considerable private, professional and psychological damage as a result of the actions of Pratt and his website. Last week, the public prosecutor’s office in San Diego also decided to add sex trafficking to the accusations against GirlsDoPorn. Also accused are employees and the co-founder of the company, which until recently was still looking for models.

But now the illegal activities of the site seem to come to an end. Pornhub is the first streaming portal to close its GirlsDoPorn account, probably just a first domino, which will be followed by others. The closure of the whole website seems inevitable.

Massive criticism against tube sites

However, Pornhub decided to take this step only after massive criticism from the media. A Vice article heavily attacked Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek and is still not satisfied with the deactivation of the porn studio’s account.

Vice writes: »GirlsDoPorn videos continue to live on Pornhub and other sites in unofficial full videos, clips and compilations uploaded by users.«

The pressure on all involved is expected to increase in the days and weeks to come. As things stand, GirlsDoPorn has acted illegally and willfully so. It seems hard to imagine that the company will survive the litigation.


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