Patreon’s Problems Seem to Boost FanCentro’s Growth

fancentro 4000+ influencers

The monetization platform FanCentro seems to profit from Patreon’s fall from grace within the community of adult content creators. more than 4,000 models have now signed up with the platform.  

The extremely fast growing monetization platform for webcam models just broke a new record. 4,000 models are now signed up for the service. The latest boost for the platform might have a lot to do with the decision by its competitor Patreon to revise community guidelines for adult content. FanCentro’s CEO Stan Fiskin used the opportunity to publish an open letter attacking Patreon for effectively putting their adult creators in limbo.

Fiskin is insisting that his letter wasn’t a strategy: »That letter really came from the heart. It wasn’t a publicity ploy, but in hindsight, it definitely had that kind of an impact as well. We have seen rampant growth as models shift their online properties away from Patreon to the FanCentro.com platform and we are very thankful for their trust in what we do. FanCentro will always remain adult-friendly and that level of reliability is really resonating heavily with many of the world’s most popular YouTube casters, Snapchat brands, and social media darlings.«

FanCentro’s rise to the top of the market seems to suggest that the company has found an ideal recipe for webcam models and adult content creators alienated by other social media companies.



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