Vendo Releases Forecasting Tool


Vendo Services, a billing processor with AI support, now also offers a forecasting tool for sales development called »Forecasts«. The new offer is intended to make it easier for online retailers to create sales and stock forecasts for individual SKUs.

The payment processor Vendo Services, specializing in so-called AI Billing now offers its customers »Forecasts«, a forecasting tool designed to make the business planning of small and medium-sized companies competitive with the big players in the market.

According to the company, »Forecasts« is included in Vendo Data Tools. The new tool enables the company’s customers to create automated and self-learning forecasts for all article numbers, which are updated every 15 minutes.

The billing company is thus expanding its services around sales planning and risk minimization. According to Vendo, AI billing also enables dynamic pricing across the entire product range, so that a retailer can always offer the optimal prices for his products without having to adjust them manually.

With the Forcecast Addon, forecasts for the current day, the month, the quarter and the entire fiscal year are now possible. In addition to forecasts for the sales development of individual SKUs and the overall product range, sales can also be forecast for specific customer groups and product categories. Even new registrations, cancellations, chargebacks and returns are predictable with the tool.

Vendo emphasizes that forecasts were developed in collaboration with e-commerce specialists and claims that the tool can compete with the proprietary developments of Amazon, Facebook and Google.

More information can be found on the company’s website.


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