Segpay Introduces Post Pay

post pay system

Most interactive offerings in the adult industry use a coin system. Often you buy a certain amount of coins for a certain amount of money, with which you can pay for a fixed time interval or an offer on a page. Now Segpay wants to support the industry with a new payment variant and is targeting especially cam operators. Post Pay is intended to merge several individual payments and make the payment process easier for all parties involved.

Post Pay is Segpay’s new payment service for online entertainment providers with interactive elements. The new feature will give sellers more control over how they authorize and process purchases.

With a clear focus on cam sites, the coin system, perceived by some as inconvenient, is to be replaced by a clever payment mechanism. Post Pay allows several payment transactions to be initiated at once, and the seller completes all of them in a single transaction when a certain amount is reached or at any given time.

Segpay grants sellers a certain credit limit, which a customer can use as long as his credit card is valid and the credit balance is sufficient. The customer can then trigger several small transactions until the credit limit is reached. If the credit limit is not reached, the seller can still finalize the transaction and charge the amount he has earned. This way the merchant knows that he will be paid safely and the customer can be sure that he will not accumulate any unused coin credit that he may never need again.

Customer friendliness and fewer chargebacks
Cathy Beardsley, CEO at Segpay, comments on the new offer from the payment processor: »Having one individual line item on their credit card bill, instead of four or five, is more user-friendly for consumers. That encourages more purchases and fewer chargebacks, which of course makes merchants very happy.«

Post Pay allows sellers to track the customer’s total accrued revenue before the customer has used up the entire amount. If a customer wants to spend more time in the session, this can be done without triggering a new credit card payment.

Shay Efron from cam operator ImLive is delighted: »With Post Pay our users can choose the exact amount they want to spend on each private session or tipping session without the need to pre-pay for credit packages.«

You can find out more about Segpay’s new payment option here. The website of the company can be found here.


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