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Two More Cryptocurrency Projects Launched: Erotix & Eroiy


After the announcement of an initial coin offering by Jizzcoins last week two more companies offering cryptocurrency solutions are on the verge to launch their blockchain-based payment solutions for the adult industry.

While Bitcoins gold rush seems to come to a halt with a sharp and steady drop from the all-time high of nearly 20,000$ per Bitcoin to now under 7,000$/Bitcoin and amid speculations that governments might reign into the still unregulated field of cryptocurrencies, two companies rushed to declare that they are working on blockchain-based currencies for the adult industry.

Eroiy is a startup focusing on the NEM blockchain protocol generating EroiyCoins for payments ideally suited to adult entertainment. The company announced a pre-ICO crowdsale campaign. There will be an eWallet, an exchange platform as well as an Eroiy based Debit card.

Eroiy’s CEO Markus Steffen claims that the product will offer data protection as well as financial fraud protection, low transaction costs, and one-click-payment solutions. According to the company it has already agreements with several major players in adult entertainment to accept Eroiy as a payment system.

The company plans to raise $48 million during its pre-ICO phase which will end this month. During that time the price for 1 Eroiy will be $0.08 with a minimum purchase of 100 Eroiy. The ICO itself will go through March and the price for 1 Eroiy will be $0.12 during ICO period.

The second company announcing a new cryptocurrency, Erotix, is following a different model primarily entering the market of tube sites. It plans to offer a digital platform for creators to upload their contents, the currency will serve as a way for the creators to monetize their uploads.

A representative for Erotix said: »These tube websites are free websites that offer a mix of amateur content and professional content. One thing that all of these sites have in common is that they earn a lot of money on advertisements while uploaders earn almost nothing.«

According to Erotix, this will be different on the company’s platform: »As a reward for uploading their content, users will earn their share of our own cryptocurrency; the Erotix Token. Users can use the Erotix Token to buy premium rights and merchandise or they can trade it on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or fiat currency like the [Dollar].«

Erotix, too, will offer its pre-ICO phase all through February. The platform’s website is scheduled to be released this summer.


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