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Cryptocurrency WankCoin Reports Growth


WankCoin claims strong growth rates for its cryptocurrency for payment transactions for adult entertainment services and products.

WankCoin is one of many new cryptocurrencies currently fighting for their market share within an industry that is traditionally stonewalled by mainstream payment processors. According to WankCoin more than 80,000 people from 57 countries throughout the world own WankCoins so far.

Bradley Philips is WankCoin’s Head of Business Development. He said: »For the adult industry specifically, having WankCoin accepted by more than 100 sites is definitely causing many consumers to see it as a viable alternative to credit cards or PayPal payments. On the B2B side, we are hearing from many major merchants and will be announcing additional partnerships with other online networks in the near future.«

WankCoin is not only used for business transactions. It is possible to transfer coins between holders. These transactions are free of charge. According to the company that might make the currency more attractive to users and the strategy might WankCoin’s usability.

He added: »PayPal doesn’t offer free P2P transfers, and [its] in-again out-again approach to what they call high-risk processing isn’t something business owners are willing to rely on fully. That’s why WankCoin has been able to make so many inroads toward other verticals, with a large fantasy sports site and several others in the early phases of inclusion.«

Philips also said: »We tokenized our ecosystem and opened up the power of WankCoin for all forward-thinking business owners and security conscious customers. When it comes to anonymous, secure, reliable, fast and free forms of payment, only WankCoin has a four-year track record working within the adult online ecosystem and a team that offers more than century of combined experience within the industry.«

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