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Clear focus of a coin with a lot of potential


May, 2018. The media is full of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, even though the big bitcoin hype is currently subsiding. But unseen to many people, new coins and companies are constantly being created and the industry is becoming more and more professional. Which of the many currencies has the potential to be used as a means of payment? The answer depends on which market is particularly relevant. The biggest potential is the worldwide erotic market. Paying with cryptocurrencies is fast, anonymous, and no third party, such as a bank interposed, is needed. In addition, the industry has always been fighting for reputation and acceptance among banks and payment service providers and is thus faced with high fees. This is exactly where a cryptocurrency comes in and offers solutions to exactly these challenges.

Advantage for end customers: purchased goods and services are no longer visible on the credit card statement, account statement or telephone bill. Thus, for a wife, friends and family is not recognizable at first glance, what the money was spent. A special cryptocurrency developed for this use case is Eroiy – and it has a lot of potential.

The ICO, so to speak the crypto crowdfunding, was successfully completed at the end of March 2018. There are already numerous well-known partners in the industry. An app will be available shortly. The focus is not primarily on the listing in the major Exchange platforms. Eroiy is not about becoming a speculative currency, but about growing organically and building a community. As the Eroiy world grows, more listings will follow. The focus is rather on the implementation on the partner sites and the development as a payment provider and the possibility to make the coin real as a means of payment intensively usable. Because here is the great opportunity from a coin to make it a millions of times a day used currency.

Eroiy is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed specifically as an incognito payment alternative in the adult entertainment industry. The beauty of it is that it allows for anonymous transactions and is independent of the financial middlemen and their associated fees. This revolutionary development promises to be a gamechanger for the approximately USD 100 billion adult entertainment market worldwide.

For more information about Eroiy, the business plan and participants, visit https://www.eroiy.io/.

Contact: Walter Hasenclever (PR Director)
Web: https://www.eroiy.io/
Email: office@eroiy.io


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