Australian Sex Shop Introduces Afterpay

RandyFox Afterpay

The »buy now, pay later« approach, which has been tried out again and again in the mail-order business, is now being tested by the Australian dealer for the erotic industry. The payment processor Afterpay offers this payment method for numerous industries.

Randyfox, an erotic retailer based in Riverwood, Australia, is now offering Afterpay, a financing service. Afterpay standardizes the purchase now, pay later principle and basically consists of nothing more than an uncomplicated installment payment.

Chris Joseph is one of the company’s spokespersons. He is enthusiastic about the new payment option for Randyfox customers and believes in further sales potential through the development of new customer groups. »We are really happy that our shoppers now have an additional method of buying their favorite sex toys from RandyFox. We now provide both Zip and Afterpay and with technological advancements in how we handle our money, a flexible way to pay and have your favorite products at your door in an instant is a great step forward.«

Since the new option, which is widely used by large retailers of consumer electronics but only rarely offered by sex shops, Randyfox hopes to gain an additional advantage over its competitors. According to Randyfox, demand for this payment method has risen sharply since its introduction.

The fact that this has become possible also has to do with a shift in mind in the payment processing companies. Similar to Paypal, Afterpay was rather prudish when it came to the erotic world. Joseph says: »Companies like Afterpay and Zip were actually apprehensive, at first, dealing with online adult toy stores, but have changed their tune. It just goes to show the growing acceptance of our industry which is a good move in the right direction.«

You can find the website of the Australian retailer here. For more information on the payment option, visit Afterpay’s website.




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