Nutaku Rolls Out Localized Versions of Its Games


The sex game platform Nutaku, which belongs to the Canadian MindGeek group, expands its range. Many of the erotic and pornographic games are now also available in Spanish, French, German, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.

What Steam does for the world of computer and video games is Nutaku in the area of erotic and adult games. The global market leader in sex games wants to grow and is massively expanding its multilingual offering. This means that the already dominant platform will almost certainly take on monopoly-like positions in local markets as well.

In addition to the tube page business (including PornHub, YouPorn, Redtube) and the large studios (Brazzers, Digital Playground, Reality King) as well as the amateur clip and webcam provider My-Dirty-Hobby, the Canadian MindGeek Group now also has a dominant position in the erotic gaming market.

Nutaku ist eine Spieleplattform für Erwachsene
Nutaku Spiel Bildschirmfoto

Nutaku reports that it has 100 million visitors per month. Many studios large and small sell their erotic games, some XXX variants of popular blockbuster games through the portal. The growth of the gaming specialist is enormous. In 2015 Nutaku still had 1 million registered users.

In the meantime, this number has grown to 20 million. The players of the niche games come from all over the world. Hence the consistent expansion into multilingualism.

Julie Hall is responsible for public relations at the Montreal-based company. Commenting on the expansion, she said, »With the localization, users can fully navigate the platform in seven languages, and also experience localized gameplay in some of their favorite games by changing the language in the games’ settings. We are elated to finally announce our localization.«

She added: »We feel this initiative will give our platform a competitive edge, as we’re now able to cater to an increasingly global audience. These next few months will be spent optimizing our localization to ensure the best gaming experience possible for our players, as we continue to grow.«

The games Fap CEO, Harem Heroes and Pussy Saga are now available in German, French and Spanish. Chinese players can enjoy localized versions of Pussy Saga and Fap Titans. In Japan, you can now also play Harem Heroes and Pussy Sage in your local language. For Polish users, the games Fake Lay and Sweet State are available for hours of fun.

The gaming giant is also using today’s announcement to promote a new game. From now on Vixen Clash is available worldwide. According to Nutaku, it is an »epic sci-fi« game with several worlds and battlefields. The whole is spiced as usual with a huge number of sex scenes, which the players can unlock.

The new game can be accessed via this link.


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