Nutaku Now Also Offers Games For LGBTQ Interests

nutaku gay-harem

The adult gaming platform Nutaku, which belongs to the Canadian MindGeek group, expands its offer of erotic games with LGBTQ content. After having established itself as a multilingual portal in the last few months, the portal is now trying to open up further market areas with gay, lesbian and transgender content.

The world’s leading provider of adult computer games is launching an LGBTQ segment on its website. Initially, there will be two titles, which according to Nutaku will be followed by more. The cooperation between Nutaku and the world’s largest gay porn site,, resulted in the game Men Bang. In addition, the action/adventure game Gay Harem, developed by the development team of the popular Harem Heroes, was also launched.

Nutaku proudly announces that it expects a large audience for the »Gay Games« segment. The platform operator hopes for high-quality games from the gay and lesbian gaming community. Ben Faccio, Product Manager at Nutaku, says: »The adult games currently available to the LGBTQ+ community are low quality, so we saw an opportunity to improve the current content available to 18+ gamers. We’ve been working to make our platform more inclusive, and this release is the first major step towards that goal. We are excited to collaborate with to bring Men Bang to life. The game boasts vibrant artwork and high-quality gameplay. Something that can be enjoyed by the community, and gaymers alike.«

Nutaku describes Men Bang as a free dating simulation where players can put their seduction skills to the test. The game features 15 animated versions of porn stars. The actors Beaux Banks, Ryan Bones, Paddy O’Brian, Diego Sans and William Seed can be seen in the game. The player can choose to act as a casting agent, film director or masseur. Using the characters in the game, the player can then shoot porn movies to earn money.

As the global market leader with over 200 games in the catalog and according to Nutaku over 115 million visitors per month, it is of course quite daring to advertise LGBTQ content, while only two games are launched and both titles are only created for the gay market. So it remains to be seen whether specific lesbian and transgender games will follow and how big the offer will be in the end.

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