Nutaku Launches Its Own Video Game Console

Nataku Titten Konsole

Nutaku, the market leader in erotic video games and part of the MindGeek Group, has launched its own video game console. The console’s design is based on a female breast and thus matches the company’s focus on porn.

The Canadian top dog in the market for erotic video games ventures into the highly competitive market for video game consoles with a console designed to resemble a female breast. For years, this market has been dominated by heavyweights such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. All of them pretty averse to adult themes.

According to Nutaku, their console is the first video game console ever to target the adult entertainment market. 200 free to play and premium titles are available for instant enjoyment via the custom-built Nutaku Desktop App. The video game console’s system is based on the Windows operating system.

Nutaku enters the highly competitive console business
Jessica Myers, the designer responsible for the console project at Nutaku, proudly comments: »There’s a lot going on in the game console scene these days. Nintendo is threatening to stop making consoles, and Mad Box is promising to be the most powerful.”There is a lot going on in the console market right now. Nintendo is threatening to exit the console market altogether, and Mad Box could become the most exciting console.«

For the time being, the console has been designed as a collector’s item for hardcore Nutaku fans and has only been manufactured in a limited number. However, the relatively low price of 169 dollars and the configuration indicate a genuine trial balloon. The company is trying to find out whether there is a sufficiently large market for a porn console.

Myers adds, »We wanted to make something unique and inviting for our 18+ community. Now players can easily plug into any TV or monitor and access their favorite titles.«

A porn console for the MeToo era?

With the console’s provocative tits design, the portal is sure to make headlines. After all, the gaming scene, in particular, has also been criticized for its insensitivity against sexism and feminist positions. Nutaku itself only recently tried to position itself as a consciously operating market player by adding LGBTQ-friendly titles to its catalog. It seems somewhat questionable to what extent a game console with a design that clearly shows who the main target group of Nutaku games is would be able to help with this.

The console has a silicone casing and is supposed to resemble a female breast, not only visually, but it should also feel like one. Of course, the nipple itself acts as the on/off switch. The device has an HDMI port, two USB ports and an audio port. The connection to the internet is wireless, countless titles of the Nutaku catalog are pre-installed.

If you want to buy the console, click here. The games offered by the portal can be found here.


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