MojoHost Now Offering 100 TB Servers

mojohost 100 tb

The hosting company MojoHost introduced a new offering to their customers. From now on it will be possible to rent dedicated servers with 100 terabytes (TB) of bandwidth. This offer will be available both to European and US customers in need of high bandwith.

MojoHost announced that several fixed configurations will be available. They will be upgradable to unmetered 1-, 2- and 10-gigabit connections. Brad Mitchell who is CEO at MojoHost said: »The company has set out to take over the niche by introducing its uncompromising network quality to a wider audience of potential customers. Where many providers cut corners and play games to deliver low prices, MojoHost touts its premium bandwidth blend and performance guarantee.«

There will be several configurations available for servers in the US as well as in Europe.  European clients will be able to get servers for 139€ with upgrades to unmetered 1 gigabit for +250€ and 2 gigabit for +500€.

Mitchell claims that MojoHost’s premium networks will get customers the highest throughput and lowest latencies anywhere. He said »Our 100 TB and unmetered offers totally kick-ass. I did extensive market research before setting prices. In light of the quality we offer, everybody hosted at a discounter should want one. Clients can add a cheap $99 SendFaster license to their server and out-perform most CDNs from anyone MojoHost location. Fast as hell, that’s good Mojo!«

If you want to know more, click here.


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