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Monday, August 8, 2022

ModelCentro Hooks Up With Pornhub

AVN reports: »ModelCentro’s new SynC tools have integrated with Pornhub.com, allowing content creators to instantly publish their videos to multiple sites all at once.

“When we launched SynC we wanted to have Pornhub be the first site to join the network. It’s always a pleasure working with them, because their entire team is dedicated to building brands and maximizing revenue from each new item of content generated,” said Stan D’Aman of ModelCentro.com. “With SynC, each model is able to load videos to their own SynC Library on ModelCentro, and with a Pornhub Model Account, they have the benefit of being able to upload their content there too, with just one click! As SynC continues to grow and integrate more sites, a model will ultimately have the ability to push videos out from one central interface to the entire world. These sites will generate more money for models and get more eyes on their videos each time they publish, so it’s a great way to double-dip.”

“We’re excited to be the first site in the ModelCentro SynC network, because we see it as a way to give independent performers additional opportunities to monetize their content and build their fanbase, with the added benefit of offering loads of new content to our fans,” said Corey of Pornhub.com. “Every video is automatically watermarked with the model’s official site information, which turns each upload into a way for models to earn additional exposure and earn a share of the ad revenue generated from Pornhub. We look forward to sending our traffic to the ModelCentro performers who choose to SynC with us while sharing their passion with our fans.”

In celebration of this important step forward, ModelCentro and Pornhub are also offering thousands of dollars in prizes as part of a new contest. First prize alone includes $5,000 in cash, Pornhub gear and a SnapChat takeover as well, with so many other great prizes for all the Top 5 SynC Models. For details on the contest check out ModelCentro.com/Contest.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, click here



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