Metro Times Releasing List of the 12 Best VR-Websites

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While the novelty of Virtual Reality might have worn off a bit, the market keeps growing and growing. Especially in the adult entertainment business, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of the websites offering VR fun. The website Metro Times tried to help consumers find the best services and released a list of 12 VR websites the staff is considering the best in the industry.

Metro Times has dived in deep into the world of Virtual Reality porn, a segment that has undoubtedly been growing as well in the past one and a half years as the pandemic forced us to stay at home and meet fewer people.

The website wrote: »VR has created a virtual reality where users can be fully immersed in any experience. Who doesn’t want their porn to feel like a more real interaction? After all, isn’t that what fantasy is all about. We’ve gone ahead and done the legwork on the best VR porn sites on the market do you don’t have to weed through the thousands to choose from.«

According to the Metro Times these are the 12 best VR sites on the market.

  1. VR Bangers: Best for all VR platforms
  2. RawCouples: Best for watching scenes featuring couples
  3. Virtual Taboo: Best for a wide array of VR scene
  4. Virtual Real Porn: Best deal for VR Porn
  5. TMW VR: Best for a low tech experience
  6. Naughty America: Best for living out fantasies
  7. PornHub VR: Best free VR Options
  8. BaDoinkVR: Best HD videos on a variety of headsets
  9. Sex Like Real: Most realistic VR scenes
  10. VRB Gay: Best option for gay VR porn
  11. Xhamster: The largest amount of free VR porn videos
  12. VR Smash: Most accessible VR porn

An in-depth list with reviews, pricing and commentary can be found on Metro Times.


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