VR from two angles

London, March 2017. Do you have problems to choose a perspective? Why don’t try out different ones. It doesn’t matter if it is erotic or action movie: Very often viewers want to switch the outlook and to see the event as well as the actors from another point of view.

RealityLovers, a website for virtual-reality erotic, makes it possible and exploits the potential of virtual reality even more.“VR enthusiasts enjoy the newest scenes not only in 180-degree but have also the possibility to see the action from two different perspectives. With that new concept we are making the next step and show what is possible to do with VR”, says René Pour, founder of RealityLovers (https://www.realitylovers.com/).

Women also benefit from new videos
At first RealityLovers releases two scenes from two angles of view. Users can choose between the perspective of the pornstar or just watch the hot action without getting involved.

The first movie will be published today, the 16th of March 2017: There VR-fans get the point-of-view of a girl or watch a female threesome. In the next video, which will be online on 18th of March, users can watch the hot scene from a man’s perspective or watch him having fun with the three mentioned girls.

More fun with VR-porn
To get into the virtual erotic-world users need to have a normal smartphone and VR-glasses. Appointed with these VR-fans experience breathtaking moments straight from the point of view of an actor. All RealityLovers videos fulfill the newest technological standards and enable the users the complete immersion into erotic dreams. High quality erotic VR-movies, which are updated weekly, are available here: www.realitylovers.com.


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