VR and Glasses? No problem!

Reality Lovers gibt drei Tipps für angenehmeren Genuss

London, Januar 2018. Many people with glasses wonder: how to use a VR device, what to do with my glasses? In order to have the best possible immersive experience, there shouldn’t be any diversions. But many people with glasses are clueless about the question if glasses should stay on or come off. Will the frame be annoying? Here are three tips to make the VR experience a great one for people with glasses.

Don’t take off your glasses
If you don’t have your contact lenses at hand users should keep their glasses on and put the VR device above their glasses. Most headsets offer enough room to accommodate glasses. Most cardboard solutions don’t though. If you only have a minor visual impediment you could try to immerse yourself without your glasses.

Adjust the headset while having your glasses on
The most important factor is the comfort while wearing the device. That’s why users should make sure that the headset doesn’t squeeze on the nose. If there is any pressure you should loosen the headset to prevent headaches. Once the device sits comfortably on your head you can adjust the visual acuity. Most VR devices feature a button on their upper side. Sometimes the adjustment can be made with the help of little wheel next to the lenses. Most of the time you can also adjust the gap between lenses and your eyes.

Clean glasses and form are key
People with glasses have two lenses in front of each of their eyes. If anyone of them is dirty it will definitely compromise the immersion. That is why users should always clean both their glasses as well as the headset before they start using the headset. While you shouldn’t wear your headset too tight you might run into trouble if you wear it too lose. Sudden movements of your head could lead to the headset being off-center and therefore the immersive effect might deteriorate. That is why you should opt for a perfect fit when it comes to your VR device.

We hope that these tips will help you have a great VR experience. Reality Lovers did everything to improve quality even more so the pictures will be even more realistic. If you are interested to know more click here.

Über RealityLovers
RealityLovers won the VENUS Award 2016 for »Most Innovative Product«, »Best VR Site 2017« and the YNOT Award 2017 for »Best Website«. The site offers virtual reality adult entertainment in FullHD. Users can immerse themselves in 180° content. The site offers several subscription models.


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