VR Booths Successful in Japan

sod group
Soft On Demand, a Japanese company focused on VR porn offerings via porn booths announces that its business model is a full success in Japan. If sustainable this might mean a re-emergence of one of adult entertainment’s oldest venues: the porn booth.

Soft on Demand started to set up booths in 2017 in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. The area is famous for its anime culture and adult entertainment stores.

Initially, the company started out like all the other VR hopefuls in the market: they created a website selling VR contents to the few customers already owning the technology to enjoy immersive porn.

It’s probably wise to keep that website going though, as the newfound success of the porn booth concept might be a shortlived comeback though as more and more people get easy and increasingly cheaper access to VR devices. Recent years showed that most porn viewers prefer to watch their porn in the privacy of their own apartment.

The company charges $13 for 1 hour of VR porn, quite cheap compared to porn booth price points back in the 80s and 90s, where you got a few minutes for that.

The interest in the new technology is high though. People regularly are flocking to trade fair booths to try out the equipment and most VR producers notice an increase in sales. The Sun reported about Soft on Demand and dryly said: »In 2016, the country’s first VR porn festival had to be shut down — because it was too popular.«

It remains to be seen if the porn booth will become a staple of adult entertainment again.

If you want to learn more about Soft On Demand click here.


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