VR Bangers Launches Interactive Halloween Horror Special

vr-bangers stolen

Have you ever been frustrated with Horror movies? Do the wrong characters die by the hand of some evil villain? Here is your chance to make things right. VR Bangers lets the audience vote on which character will be killed in its interactive horror/porn virtual reality experience called »Stolen«.

VR Bangers is coming out with an experimental experience this Halloween. The pioneering VR company will release an interactive horror movie where viewers can decide which girl is going to get killed and which one might be saved.

halloween porn vr-bangers stolen
Stolen – an Interactive Halloween Torture Porn Production by VR-Bangers

Like many horror movies of this genre (sometimes called torture porn) »Stolen« will actually combine horror and porn and all of it in VR technology. The scenario will take place in a warehouse and the girls are pleading for their lives. You, the viewer can ultimately decide which of the pretty ladies will survive the madness.

According to VR Bangers, the story will change based on the voting results by viewers. VR Bangers’ Marketing Director, Igor Zhivago, is proudly boasting: »This is the most interactive we have gone yet, for the newest experience will be driven by the votes of our users, and will unfold differently depending on their choices. Shortly speaking, this is the most elaborate VR porn initiative ever done in real time, and we are really excited to release it!«

One of the innovative technologies used during production is the so-called »Horrible Head Rig«, a camera with lenses placed on the eye of the male protagonist which according to the company will heighten the immersive experience. It might take a true sadist though to actually enjoy immersing yourself into the view of someone several girls are pleading to so you do not kill them.

Aside from the provocative and quite frankly risky concept, the interactive element might indeed be a push towards underlining the unique experience that is VR porn. Alex Nash, the leading producer at VR Bangers, adds: »We have always wanted to create something immersive and interactive like this, and Halloween seemed to be a great occasion for that.«

The movie will be released in several parts, the final episode will be accessible through VR-Bangers on the 31 October. If you are interested to find out more click here.


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