VR Bangers Introduces 6K Definition

vr-bangers 6k

If pixels alone would guarantee a great porn experience VR Bangers would now the place to be for any porn consumer on the lookout for the best. The company announced the introduction of 6K VR technology and thereby is doubling the pixels for their productions.

4K is not even the standard in many consumers’ households but VR Bangers is moving ahead in an effort to stay atop in a field of companies still trying to win over the mainstream. VR porn keeps growing but it still remains a huge bet by the companies investing heavily in its future. VR Bangers seems to be convinced that an ever-increasing number of pixels might help convincing audiences to finally embrace the technology for their everyday porn habits.

A representative for VR Bangers said: »Have you ever seen a 4K UHD VR porn video? And how was it? Smooth, clean and pretty much giving you the unique feeling that you have been there with the girl you just watched, even though she most likely was on the other side of the globe? Now imagine that we could double the amount of the smoothness that you have just experienced, giving you something even better here and now.«

While the display specifications of the consumers’ devices will remain the same, VR Bangers productions will now be recorded in 6K and the result will still create a smoother and more lifelike experience for the viewer.

»4K ultra high definition (a.k.a. 2160p) was originally designed for the movie theaters and is giving you as much as 8,294,400 (3840×2160) pixels right in front of your face, as long as you are wearing one of the high-end VR headsets [and] even though the development of those is extremely dynamic, still not all of them are capable of displaying such high resolutions. 6K (3160p) is going even beyond that, giving you an almost overwhelming number of pixels (19,415,040 or 6144×3160) and in effect providing you with an even more spectacular experience.«

Daniel Abramovic, CEO of VR Bangers, said: »No one has ever gone beyond that amount, and at the time when the VR Bangers’ competitors were focused on producing materials in 4K and 5K, [we] decided to take a chance and try to create something even more perfect and revolutionary, concentrating our resources on uncertain 6K tech. Our team has taken a few months to figure out the necessary steps and the technology behind the cameras and post-production, but we have finally done this, taking a huge step forward for the entire VR porn industry.«



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