The True Future Of VR For Adult Entertainment

wankz vr

 writes on VRFocus: »The virtual reality (VR) we’ve dreamed about and eagerly craved from popular movies and TV isn’t quite available, but it’s not far off. The adult industry has been a driving force behind many innovations over the past 20 years, influencing the development and implementation of online systems like secure billing, streaming video and more. Fast forward to today and many of these same systems like quick, streamed video and social sharing actually work against the bottom line. Adult videos in VR help keep the content exclusive and fresh while providing a more stable platform for performers and a steady paycheck. We’re currently in a position in our industry to help shape how VR for years to come.

New and more sophisticated ways to interact in virtual environments are being developed all the time. Technologies like pressure-sensitive controllers with feedback capabilities, eye tracking and even products using teledildonics and related systems are already used to enhance a simulated experience and help people connect in a more intimate way. As wearable technology evolves and becomes more accessible, convenient and portable, developers like ours will continue to align user expectations with reality. Enriched social media, education and other interactive platforms like gaming will help drive the advancement of wearable technology as much as the adult industry will. Users will demand a consistent and seamless virtual experience no matter where their virtual journey takes them. In coming months we’ll most likely see a rise in adult VR supported brands focused on peripherals or networks that help deliver or connect people via VR.

VR has been a breath of fresh air for the online adult industry. In recent years, most premium adult content has been shot in vibrant HD and 4K quality video but the market is saturated with both professional and amateur content. VR porn isn’t as easy to produce or make available for free. The costs for entry into adult VR production is higher than with traditional adult video productions. Testing and perfecting the VR capture process, employing and training the right team for advanced editing and set design all takes time and money. The initial investment for shooting VR porn on a professional level is higher and naturally it takes longer to see a comfortable return on investment (ROI). This barrier may actually help ensure quality and consistency in these early days of VR porn.

Our team worked hard to find the best hardware and process for producing engaging VR sex. Our VR capture rig has undergone significant changes since the launch of WankzVR the exact setup is one of our most closely guarded secrets. Users look for realistic colour and natural curves without pixelation and our rig delivers this. We also provide a range playback options to accommodate the wide range of devices and internet speeds synonymous with online adult users.

Now that we’ve produced nearly 150 VR scenes across two different brands, we’ve learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to shooting VR porn. It takes a special blend of performer talent, onset direction and skilled editing to deliver an engaging VR scene. We’ve been lucky enough to attract producers that maintain a very relaxed, fun and respectful atmosphere onset and behind the scenes.

Most performers really appreciate the inviting nature of our sets and tend to come back to be featured in more VR. This has made signing exclusive VR contract models an easy and natural next step as we’ve already secured stars like Gina Valentina and Adria Rae for further WankzVR productions. This level of exclusivity and starpower separates us from our competitors and we applied the same strategy as we developed WankzVR’s new sister brand, MILF VR. Productions naturally cost more but we’ve found success by balancing consistent updates, improved pixel density and 3D with competitive pricing, bundle options and accessibility across all leading VR platforms.«



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