Texas Patti Reveals Her Most Intimate Secrets

Deutschlands bekanntester Erotik-Star über sexy Virtual Reality

Right now, Texas Patti is one of the most successful stars in adult entertainment. For almost ten years now, she has been keeping her fans thrilled with hot performances. The experienced actress is now also making a career in the USA and has ventured into Virtual Reality porn: In collaboration with Reality Lovers, a provider of exclusive VR content, she has made a film in 180 degrees. Her fans can experience the brunette as close and private as only a few others before.

In addition to showing intimate insights, she also reveals secrets in an exclusive interview with Reality Lovers: it is obvious that she enjoys her job.

What makes it so exciting for you?

I love having sex! And in my acting career, I get to live it out. I can do whatever excites me and gives me pleasure. And on top of that, I get paid for it. Besides, I am a cheerful and open-minded person by nature. It’s exactly this attitude that I try to show in every film I make.

Do you have any role models?

There are many people that inspire me. Both in my private life and in the industry. I always try to give 100 percent and always try to present myself in a way so that others might take me as a role model as well. I don’t know if this is a good role model: But the »American Dream« and the Rockabilly mentality have always fascinated me. That is also the reason why I chose my stage name.

What are your goals?

I have already made some movies and always had a lot of fun. And one of my biggest dreams is already happening: I’m quite often in the USA for several film productions and recently I was nominated for three AVN Awards! I work hard every day both on social media and during every production. Another goal that I have is to shoot as much as possible in VR. The opportunities are simply awesome and will get even more exciting in the future!

How was it for you to make a movie in VR?

It was totally exciting and fascinating! It’s really great fun and is really something else. I am constantly learning about the diversity of sex and the ways to enjoy it. For me as a performer, it was also a challenge: because in VR, all the attention and every movement must be focused on the camera. This is the only way for users to get the feeling of actually having sex with me later on. And this idea turns me on extraordinarily.

Did you ever watch a VR movie?
Of course! Not only mine but many others: Whether from the perspective of a man or a woman. The experience is amazing and everyone should give it a try. Virtual Reality is clearly the future and will soon conquer a large part of the erotic industry!

Have you already received feedback on your VR film?

Yes, from fans as well as from friends. And it was nearly always positive. Anyone can have sex with me now. Glasses on and off you go! Great, isn’t it?
Do you think that the sex of the future will be exclusively virtual?

I don’t think so, no matter what. It will be more diverse, more colourful and more exciting. The possibilities of Virtual Reality will certainly be enriching him. Long-distance relationships are a good example for this: VR and Dildonics help couples to enjoy intimacy despite being far away. I will definitely have as much sex as possible in the future – whether in front of or behind the camera.

You can find more about Texas Patti and a weekly update of new VR videos at http://de.yourvrdream.com/
Click here for the VR video clip starring Texas Patti:

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