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Texas Patti In New VR Movie By Reality Lovers

texas pattie vr

Texas Patti is starring in Reality Lovers’ newest VR release called »Reality Time Machine«.

The currently most sought-after German porn star worldwide might be Texas Patti. The 36-year-old porn actress is now starring again in a new movie by VR specialist Reality Lovers.

The company is advertising the new VR release with immersive teasing so to speak. »Want to skip breakfast for some early morning sex? No problem! Just fast forward and take Patti on the kitchen table. Feel bossed around about senseless chores? Show her you are in control. Stick it to her until she moans with bliss! Clean out her hole until she speaks no more.«

Reality Lovers, a frequent exhibitor at Venus Berlin, is one of the leading VR companies worldwide and betting heavily on the breakthrough for the new technology. They worked with Texas Patti before and are proud to have the actress among their stars.

»We also feel extremely proud, even lucky to have had her in other Reality Lovers Productions like ‘Patti and Her Jobs,’ ‘Spread the Love’ to name a few.«

If you want to know more about Reality Lovers click here.


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