Terpon Partners With ModelCentro for VR Webcams

LOS ANGELES—Terpon is announcing a new deal signed with ModelCentro that empowers ModelCentro to become fully operational as a live streaming 4K VR webcam portal for models online.

The move includes full integration of Terpon hardware and ModelCentro software to provide performers with a plug-and-play setup, allowing them to broadcast in virtual reality while creating live or prerecorded VR porn content.

“Anybody paying any attention at all to what was going on at the January industry shows saw the interest fans, affiliates, models and studios have in virtual reality porn,” said Stan of ModelCentro.com. “We looked into every available option, and it became increasingly clear to us that Terpon makes the best devices. The monthly rental model makes sense because it includes continuous upgrades for free, and having met with Jean-Claude in person, it’s easy to see that his vision goes far beyond the next few months. I like where this is going, and I think there is plenty of money to be made by acting on all of it right now.”

Terpon has reserved a significant portion of the 1,000 free webcams they are giving away to be granted to performers on the ModelCentro platform. To get a Terpon Hermes VR Webcam now free, sign up at ModelCentro and speak to your account rep today.

“Stan is a great strategic partner for us to be working with, and it’s easy to see how our services and products align with the ecosystem of content he is creating across many adult industry disciplines,” said Jean-Claude Artonne, CEO of Terpon. “Beyond the immediate release of our VR webcams on ModelCentro, there are other revenue streams already in the works that will empower McProfits.com affiliates to make money selling VR devices, and a StripperCentro.com deal with Terpon that may finally bridge the gap between live gentlemen’s club performers and a global audience.”

Artonne added, “The early adopter era is already done. We are now in the first phase of a truly massive groundswell of VR consumption. Anyone who missed out on tubes and mobile may want to look closely at VR before it becomes too late for them once again.”



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