BadoinkVR & VR-P Install VR Cabins In German Sex Shops

pleasure-box VR

The golden age of video booths has long been over. With VR porn, however, the business model could experience a revival. That at least is the opinion of BaDoinkVR, one of the leading providers of VR entertainment. Together with Virtual Real Pleasure (VR-P), the company wants to set up VR cabins. It will start in 14 sex shops all over Germany.

At the VENUS Berlin in 2016, the Virtual Reality Box was presented. The crowd-pleaser was developed by VR-P, a company owned by Standard Design GmbH. Since 1998, the company has specialized in enabling cinema-quality video platforms in sex shops. The company hoped that VR would provide a new impulse for the video booth market. (The same seems to be the case in Japan, where Soft on Demand is investing in a similar model).

The Virtual Reality Pleasure Box is a fully automated platform that enables access to VR content. In the joint venture, BaDoinkVR will provide the content. The store operators can independently set the price for their customers, but a price per minute of 1 Euro is recommended.

German technology, international porn productions

Stefan Ruck is CEO of Standard Design. He firmly believes in the potential of virtual reality, according to him, it’s the »hot technology everyone is talking about. VR pornography ensures the greatest interest in the field, and BaDoinkVR has the most popular content. Our goal is to enable this incredible experience to as many people as possible.”

BaDoinkVR’s production manager, Xavi Clos, also commented on the joint venture. “VR pornography for a mass audience is our main goal. The VR-P Box is an effective delivery system that opens the door to a new audience and gives people easy access to the exciting and immersive world of VR pornography. This collaboration is an ideal fit.”

VR cabins all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland

So far you can find the VR Pleasure Box in cities like Berlin, Erlangen, Ingolstadt, Mönchengladbach, Regensburg, Remscheid, and Stuttgart. Visitors can also get a first impression in Vienna. The Swiss have to be patient a little longer, but there are plans to set up cabins in Zurich and Basel.

If you would like to learn more about VR-P, click here. Further information about the Pleasure Box itself can be found via this link. In addition to the box, VR-P also offers an open armchair solution which, according to the manufacturer, can also be delivered with an automatic payment system. Content by BaDoinkVR is available on the studio’s website.


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