The Five Most Unusual Erotic Fantasies


Munich, May 2020: Sexual preferences vary from person to person: Some are into romantic vanilla sex, others into BDSM games. There are no limits to the imagination and the individual preferences are sometimes so unusual that there are no suitable porn videos to cater to them. This is where hypnosis comes into play. »« is specialized in stimulating audio books on self-hypnosis. »For us no fantasy is too outlandish, I love to fulfill specific fan requests. In contrast to reality anything is possible in the imagination, so that individual preferences are much easier to realize under hypnosis than for example in adult movies«, explains Lady Tara, inventor and voice of

Of bees, flowers and tigers

Lady Tara receives a lot of fan requests with unusual fantasies. Some ideas are written out in detail, while others only provide the framework of a possible hypnosis and leave the specific elements to Lady Tara. For example, a listener wished to be an apple tree in spring, whose blossoms are fertilized by hundreds of bees and he experiences small orgasms every time. »Another fantasy revolves around the look of the partner: A listener wished that her skin looked like that of a tiger and that in the suggestion she even had a real tail growing out of her rump. She is not supposed to become an animal, but only look as if she had a realistic, non-washable body painting,« Lady Tara said. Another idea with lasting suggestion: The listener feels pleasure when he is visiting a professional hair remover with wax or sugar gel. With each hair pulled off, the pleasure gain should increase. »Here I was fascinated that even a tangible restriction was considered to avoid the daily walk to the studio. The idea: You may only go for treatment at most every two weeks and only so often that no financial difficulties arise«, Lady Tara continues.

Everything conceivable is possible in hypnosis

Lady Tara has already realized many ideas in her hypnotic recordings. For example, there was the desire to meet one’s own goddess and to surrender to her to such an extent that the listener completely merges with her. The story »Your Goddess« (, inspired by a scene from »American Gods«, plays with the »Unbirthing« fetish and is aimed at submissive men. »I also found another user idea exciting: Here I transform my listeners into a pink plastic sex doll. The listener wants to be used as a doll, but can’t experience orgasm himself because he is a sex doll«, Lady Tara reveals the plot of “The Pink Sex Doll” (

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The website has been offering erotic audio books since 2011 and is the leading provider in the German-speaking market. In 2015 the platform received the Venus Award for the most innovative erotic product. In 2019 the second Venus Award followed as “Best erotic online product”. The range of erotic hypnoses is constantly being expanded to appeal to a variety of tastes. The large selection of audio books is available as MP3 files for download in the shop at


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