Read Dead Redemption II Parody Released

Red Dead Erection

Although it is said that the golden age of porn parodies is over, Hollywood blockbusters are still regularly followed by more or less amusing porn versions. The phenomenon has long since spread to successful video games like Fortnite. Now a porn parody of the global megahit Red Dead Redemption II has been released. The title? Red Dead Erection.

While the Western movie is dead as a mouse and, with a few exceptions downright box office poison, a Western game series created by the successful gaming studio behind the megahit GTA enjoys great popularity: Red Dead Redemption. The online company WoodRocket, which specializes in parodies, has produced the parody to the video game in cooperation with the tube site giant Pornhub.

Red Dead Erection was released on November 13th on the unconventional website operated by WoodRocket, which unlike tube sites creates its own content but offers it for free pretty much like the big tube sites. A so-called extended version of the movie is available on Pornhub Premium. WoodRocket itself is financed by the website’s own shop and additional series available via Clip4Sales.

Like almost all movies produced by WoodRocket the founder of the company, Lee Roy Myers, likes to be creatively involved. He is the mastermind behind the idiosyncratic studio, which also produces porno versions of soap operas like “The Young and the Restless”. All typical soap opera elements are served, the only difference being that the series constantly features nude actresses and hardcore action. WoodRocket also released movies like Strokemon, SpongeKnob SquareNuts and Game of Bones.

WoodRocket productions are characterized by an unusually detailed knowledge of the originals and are quite plot-driven, the actual porn scenes are far rarer than in comparable porn spoofs. The WoodRocket team also handled Red Dead Redemption with love, even though the small budget is clearly visible from the beginning. The studio manages the trick to make this seem funny on purpose.

The plot of the 20-minute film is not told as quickly as one is used to with porn parodies: Arthur Organ is the hero of the movie and his gang of outlaws is expelled from a village called Blackwater. So they set off on numerous adventures while robbing banks, starting gunfights in saloons, carrying out wild chases and exchanging body fluids with cowgirls of all kinds.

The cast is made up of April O’Neil, Codey Steele, Lance Hart, Leya Falcon, Daisy Ducati, Cassandra Cain and Seth’s Beard. The movie was written and directed by Vuko and Lee Roy Myers.


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