Netflix Releases Horror Thriller About Cam Industry

cam horror film netflix

The popular streaming service Netflix has announced a new horror movie, whose main character is a camgirl. In »Cam« the online identity of a camgirl gets stolen. In the course of the story, the online replica unfolds a gruesome life of its own.

The horror thriller draws a scenario that for many cam actors would actually be pure horror: The account of a successful camgirl named Alice (Madeline Brewer) gets hacked. All of a sudden she no longer has access to her online profiles. But not only that, Alice finds out that a doppelganger hijacked her account and is producing extremely strange, increasingly disturbing content.

The announcement reads: »As this copy begins to push the boundaries of Alice’s internet identity, the control that Alice has over her life and the men in it vanishes. While she struggles to regain what she’s lost, she slowly finds herself drawn back to her show and to the mysterious person who has taken her place.«

The movie entitled »Cam« will be available through Netflix from November 16th. It was directed by Daniel Goldhaber, who made his debut as a director with the movie. Supporting roles are played by Patch Darragh, Michael Dempsey, Samantha Robinson and Melora Walters.

Here is the trailer:


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