Reveals 2019’s Top AR Sex Websites

Earlier this week augmented reality adult blog Arxxxsex reviewed and revealed 2019’s best AR sex sites.

According to the company, 2019 has seen an increase in adult developers take their hand to AR which includes some big recognizable names like VRBangers and Naughty America. Virtual Real Porn has also shown its interest in AR technology after announcing that it would start work on an AR project in the future.

With AR porn starting to find some ground, the guys at Arxxxsex have got their heads down and tested out each website and app. As a result, they have put together a list of 2019’s best AR adult sites you can experience right now.

John Rolo, CEO of Arxxxsex said:

“Testing out each site and app was a lot of fun and extremely interesting to see how different studios are embracing AR technology. Some are producing content using greenscreen recordings while others are creating models using 4D volumetric data technology. Each of these offers something different but both are incredibly mind-blowing to see for the first time.”

AR porn is a relatively new form of adult entertainment that works by overlaying virtual models on the screen or lenses of a mobile/headset device. This allows the user to see the model from the first-person point of view and as though she’s positioned in the surrounding area. The models can be scaled, repositioned and rotated to the user’s preference and to blend them into the real-world environment as realistically as possible.

John goes on to say:

“2019 has been an exciting year in the field of AR with some new and interesting material to become immersed in. If 2019 is proven anything, it’s that AR is becoming a serious part of adult entertainment that’s only going to keep growing. We’re pretty confident that 2020 will be the best year for AR porn by a long shot.”

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