Augmented Reality: Have a Sexy Houseguest in Front of You

Augmented Reality Porn

ARConk and announced that they developed an app which will allow the user to see performers in their very own environment. According to the companies, their technology might be a breakthrough for potentially thousands of applications. Is it one step short of a holodeck experience?

The app by tech company ARConk will mix 3D footage with live video of the user’s environment. That way performers seem to appear in the exact viewing space of the user, an immersive experience unseen so far and the potential for all kinds of applications.

ARConk worked together with to create a first AR porn production unlike everything seen so far. Adam Gecko is the owner of ARConk, he said about his new product: »It is pretty refreshing to introduce something as the very first one in the world, but we have paid for this success with a lot of hard work. Together with guys from, we have managed to do something that many people kept dreaming about, and we are really proud of our innovation. Naturally, we are aware that many companies had tried that in the past, but only succeeded with some animated AR porn — which means that our experience is the very first real AR porn in history!«

Right now the user is still just a viewer in the immersive experience. But Gecko hints toward the possibility of Holodeck porn becoming reality in a few years. The devices »are getting smaller and smaller, this technology might one day replace the idea of a holographic world.« The only thing still missing is interactivity.

Gecko is absolutely convinced that AR technology is the future for porn and sees his own company as having a head start to possible competitors: »Soon enough more and more people should be involved in this tech, so we need to be as proactive as possible and try to be a step ahead as far as we can. We believe that in the future when other companies will get to our level, we will already have a large variety of different experiences waiting for our followers, and that is why the early stage of the ARConk project is so important.«’s CEO Daniel Abramovich said: »It is actually funny, but a few large AR companies have already contacted us and asked us how we did this. We have spent way too much money, time and resources to make it happen, though, and we are not going to reveal any of our secrets. This has been a long trial of errors through a research and development process and we are more than happy that it has finally paid off and that it is actually working!«

Right now there is no content except two videos as proof of concept created by the two companies. But Abramovich said that the app will provide porn companies and producers the opportunity to create content for it. According to his estimations, the technology is so revolutionary that there will be a boom in AR porn because of their invention.

He added: »With the use of this technology the makers can scan pretty much any person in the world to create a lifelike and fully interactive real experience inside of their augmented reality environment and for their fans.«

ARConk is very optimistic as well about the future of its new app. One of the developers at the company, Jerome Balzac, said: »We did some tests and people are actually fascinated about the capabilities of our AR tech. Right now, we came up with two unique AR experiences: one of them is just a 3D scan of a girl, and the other one is a real and fully interactive 3D AR video of a sexy porn star. It pretty much means that you can walk around the vixen, watch her from every angle, get closer (or further) to/from her and do with her basically just anything that will come to your mind.«

To get an idea of the technology you don’t need costly VR devices. A Holokit AR Cardboard headset will suffice to enjoy the two existing videos and to get a first impression of the world’s first AR porn in your own environment.

If you want to know more about the technology click here.


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