ManyVids Provokes Pornhub

manyvids vs pornhub

One man’s suffering is another man’s PR opportunity. While Paypal has dealt Pornhub’s model program a bitter blow by blocking payouts to the network’s models, Manyvids boasts of its own impeccable payout systems for content partners and performers.

The timing for the press release about the payout options of the clip site operator ManyVids was probably not chosen by accident. After all, the problems of the overpowering competition of the Mindgeek subsidiary Pornhub have made headlines worldwide and were even worth a report in Germany’s most influential magazine, Der Spiegel.

Around 100,000 performers were affected by Paypal’s decision to ban Pornhub from paying out revenue to porn performers selling to their fans through the portal.

Pornhub, which actually became the world’s largest porn site by streaming mostly free-of-charge porn clips, has only been offering a model program for about two years. The program allows actors, studios and content producers to sell directly to end customers using the site.

The business model of clip site operators ManyVids, iWantClips, and Clips4You and the monetizing companies ModelCentro, FanCentro, Just.ForFans and similar services is one of the few remaining profitable ways to earn money with porn. The industry has been able to grow massively and thousands of actors earn substantial revenues on their own.

The market entry of Pornhub’s disruptive power might have been a thorn in the side of the established clip site operators, which is why the current industry news of ManyVids payout system may well be interpreted as a small attack against the industry giant.

A company spokesman says: »ManyVids is all about the MV Stars – the incredible content creators – and it’s MV’s mission to always move forward. And with payouts on the minds of many online sex workers, ManyVids takes pride in having the most efficient payout system in the industry.«

While ManyVids is well aware that the MindGeek subsidiaries are also specialists at bypassing the traditional financial industry’s boycott measures, when the emperor is without clothes, you have to seize the opportunity to boast of your success.

According to MV, the company offers free direct deposit transfers to performers in 38 countries, something that even non-adult, mainstream micro job portals like Fiverr can’t deliver. The clip site operator offers the possibility of receiving income in local currencies paid out to one’s own bank account in such important markets as North America, the EU, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

The differences to other clip page operators are emphasized again by a spokesman for the company: »While some sites may offer a similar international direct deposit service it comes with a charge of $30 or more in wire fees.«

In addition to direct payouts to bank accounts, ManyVids also offers payouts to prepaid credit cards from Paxum and Cosmo Payment as well as US checks. Paypal, so the subtle attack against Pornhub says, is only used by providers who accept that the payment can get stalled. After all, the industry has known for a long time that Paypal is hostile to the erotic and sex industry. On the one hand, this is a lamentable Paypal problem, but Pornhub as part of a global corporation should have known better.

Further information can be found on the ManyVids website.



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