Grand Slam Media welcomes as their latest Members Area Publisher


Grand Slam Media is coming through on their promise of presenting hot deals before the end of this year, starting December 1st, 2017. The company proudly welcomes as an exclusive members area publisher and continues their high level plan set with This cooperation will increase the availability and regions for popunder ads, exclusively available for advertisers working with Grand Slam Media.

“Current advertisers or those looking to start with Grand Slam Media, can be assured to benefit from our latest and exclusive publisher addition,” said Luke Hazlewood, CEO Grand Slam Media. “The site’s statistics gives you an impression of just how much potential will be available traffic wise. We’re talking 5.3+ million visits, an average duration time of 11+ minutes and 12 pages per user! Plenty of room for your ad material to rotate and convert, with only 21% of users bouncing! 80% of’s traffic is organic, which makes the users even more valuable.”

Membership area traffic brings enticing profits from very potent customers and in’s case makes up for 25 percent of earnings after integrating it. On top, the site delivers a varied roster of members as well, considering that the top five regions are: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil. “Anybody interested in English, German or even Portuguese focused traffic should hit us up now,” Luke continued. “I am confident you’ll be glad you didn’t miss this great opportunity!”

After running latest tests in October, both parties are very optimistic about the future cooperation. “We’re happy Fabian and his team are willing to embrace the possibilities of members area traffic with us,” Luke continued. “We are highly experienced in this field and happy to see them work with us. Both parties are eager to see advertisers get on board now to start increasing their revenue with’s and Grand Slam Media’s premium quality members area traffic.”

Further site details:
Global Rank (Worldwide): 9,997
Country Rank (United States): 3,617
Category Rank: (Adult): 746

Ad Formats:
Popunder Banners

Advertisers can contact Grand Slam Media now to start on December 1st, 2017: [email protected].


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