Grand Slam Media Enters Exclusive Email Marketing Deal With Loaded Cash

Grand Slam Media Enters Exclusive Email Marketing Deal With Loaded Cash

TORONTO – Effective November 2017, Grand Slam Media will be the exclusive provider of Loaded Cash’s email clicks to the market.

“We’re happy to be working with Loaded Cash, once more delivering an ideal opportunity for any advertisers with a focus on dating, cams and/or PUA (pick up artist) offers looking for cost-per-click traffic. Geographic regions are primarily English-speaking, with more than 50% of clicks coming from US, UK, CA and AU,” said Luke Hazlewood, CEO Grand Slam Media (part of TrafficPartner). “We’ve told you before that some amazing and exclusive deals were coming before end of the year!”

The collaboration is yet another exclusive deal Grand Slam Media is delivering to advertisers hot off the heels of their latest new traffic opportunity. “We’re very busy with the latest success of our members area traffic offensive,” Luke mentioned, referring to Adnium solely offering’s member area popunder ads. “Nonetheless, we’re always driven to continuously deliver on our promise of providing the best deals to advertisers and publishers.”

The email traffic will include various tiers, all available for bidding at unique price-points, with premium and double opt-in clicks leading the way! Anyone seeking English-speaking volume would be remiss to overlook this quality source.
“LoadedCash is very excited about our partnership with Grand Slam Media. By combining our expertise in the dating, cams, and info product verticals, we’re confident this relationship will strengthen our respective businesses.” – Beverly Crandon – LC.

Speaking on longevity, Luke Hazlewood offered the following: “The partnership fits o ur ten year anniversary well. Loaded Cash also has over a decade within this industry and I firmly believe our customers will once more see the difference when working with companies that have such deep roots in this business.”

Considering all that’s going on at the house of Grand Slam Media, the company suggests to contact their representatives now to receive availability and pricing early on or to get in touch with the team via [email protected].


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