FanCentro Writes Open Letter to Patreon

Stan Fiskin FanCentro

In an open letter to the CEO of Patreon, a Crowdfunded membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, Stan Fiskin from FanCentro writes:

“Hello Mr. Conte,

I believe you are making a terrible mistake as the CEO of Patreon: One that has been often repeated in the past, and one I hope you will quickly reconsider. This is a very important issue that comes up far too often.

Recently you announced your intention to no longer accept adult content producers and their audiences on the Patreon platform. I want you to know that intends to pick up everyone Patreon leaves out. Your announcement was a sudden blow to many who earn a living via Patreon, and fortunately, is immediately taking action by stepping in and saving their revenue streams in your absence. Please be sure to let the many influencers who will now abandon your site know that is the place they can go to continue to rise in popularity without you.

Honestly, like many in adult, I’m tired of seeing mainstream companies use adult content to help them attract an audience and then backstab the producers that helped them build their brands as soon as they feel they have gotten big enough to drop us. This is the same sort of nonsense AOL, iTunes and others have tried with adult producers and publishers in the past, and I’m not willing to let Patreon do it to models and performers all over again.

Already offering the vast majority of the features and functions of Patreon via and the family of brands owned by its parent company, FanCentro’s development team is now working around the clock to go far beyond anything Patreon ever considered allowing its publishers to do. That includes many backend tools and promotional campaign functions, as well as a far less restrictive outlook on the kinds of content that publishers can create for their fans.

Let me be clear about this. If what someone wants to publish is legal, consensual and within the framework of Visa regulations – FanCentro will always be open to helping content creators grow their revenue from whatever they create. Patreon choosing to act like you are everybody’s Daddy, and suggesting you should be standing in the middle of the intimate private relationships performers build with their audience is a very shortsighted mistake. Since when did anyone ask Patreon what we should be allowed to see or allowed to show? It’s arrogance, but in a way, I thank you for it, because FanCentro is now the only open-minded solution for anyone who wants to escape Patreon’s new walled-garden approach.

Why would anyone choose to censor themselves, or worse yet… why would they allow Patreon to tell them what they are allowed to enjoy? At least now, they can all come to before they take away your freedom, and see for yourself how much sweeter life is when you can just focus on finding the right fans and the right performers to satisfy each other’s needs exactly the way you always wanted!

Stan Fiskin

The Centro Family of Brands:

Starting with launched in December 2013, the Centro family of brands has continued to expand rapidly by providing a unique suite of services for content creators. ModelCentro simplifies the process of creating and publishing content online so that any Model can be her own Publisher quickly and easily, even without much technical experience operating a CMS or dealing with payment processing and the many other backend aspects of being a successful personal brand. CentroBill provides leading edge billing solutions for high-risk online properties that require greater compliance monitoring than other mainstream counterparts. FanCentro is the social media and crowdsourcing component of the network, adding a robust set of additional features and accelerating the reach of each performer who partners with Centro to generate revenue from fans, affiliates and other marketing channels. It’s a complete package of tools and support services carefully crafted to provide any model or online influencer with exactly what they need to move forward and succeed in the modern media age.”


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