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A major survey from about German porn consumption

London, February 2017. Who is looking at what with whom? Over 28,000 members of (, Germany’s largest casual dating portal, responded to a survey about intimate insights of their porn consumption. The survey was completed in corporation with RealityLovers ( – the portal for virtual reality erotic. Questions about the first erotic film as well as preferred genre were answered by the users honestly and uninhibitedly, thus providing some surprising results. One of the most exciting results: VR erotic arouses great curiosity among most of the respondents.

VR sparks interest

Whether man or women almost 75% of respondents download or stream films from the internet. Men are more likely to use a Smartphone. But the cell phone offers much more and for many unknown potential as the cell phone makes it possible to enjoy VR erotic and thus become immersed in lovemaking. With the help of a standard Smartphone and VR glasses, users can view from the perspective of the actor and experience erotic up close. Seven percent of the men and women have already tested it. A total of 66% of men and 53% of women would eagerly try the last Sex Scream and watch an all-round clip.

Premature men

Men are the leaders of the pack for the first time viewing porn – a total of 42 percent of the interviewed men said that they saw their first erotic film at 16 or younger. About a quarter of the women at the same age dared to watch a sex movie and almost 30 percent of the female respondents saw their first porn film as adults. An unexpected 18 percent of all respondents admitted to being late adopters as their first experience with porn took place between 26 and 55 years.

Every day or sometimes?

There is a large difference between the sexes in the frequency of the porn consumption – a good 34 percent of the men watch porn films often in the week in comparison to only 18 percent women. Almost 20 percent of the men watch porn “as often as possible” or “even daily”, while only seven percent of women do the same. Especially interesting is that even though most prefer to enjoy it alone, almost 40 percent of the interviewed couples admitted to watching porn with their partner.

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About RealityLovers

RealityLovers, awarded the VENUS Award as the “Most Innovative Product 2016”, offers erotic films in FullHD for virtual reality. In the 180-degree perspective, users experience the events from the perspective of the actors and thus actively participate in the lovemaking. Interested parties can select various subscription.

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