Eroiy Kisses the Erotic Industry Awake

New Cryptocurrency Provides Overall Benefits

eroiy coin

February 15, 2018. At least since the groundbreaking success of the erotic-inspired “50 Shades of Gray” series, the expression of sexual desires has become more and more socially acceptable. Above all, online shops and entertainment services on the Internet are the winners of the newly discovered desire. However, feared data misuse on the part of end customers and high rebooking risk for providers are clouding the euphoria. These problems are addressed by Eroiy, a blockchain solution that has the potential to give the entire market more anonymity, trust and development options. In addition to the classic peculiarities of the cryptocurrency, the network component of Eroiy is convincing as well. All parties involved enjoy many benefits, from consumers to website operators to token buyers.

Goodbye to Industry Diseases

Be it DVD or online video, the adult entertainment industry has helped spread technology trends over time. Despite the potential to spur such innovation, adult entertainment continues to be one of the highrisk business segments: The difficult image often causes banking problems, such as high fees and sinking creditworthiness. In the case of the cryptocurrency, which is extremely present in the media, however, bilateral benefits are the focus: Since the erotic industry has the opportunity to establish Eroiy as the new payment method in the industry, and at the same time to benefit from it like no other. On the one hand, this is due to the advantages of Blockchain – such as high efficiency, speed and transparency – and, on the other, to the network of the founding team behind Eroiy, which has already experienced tremendous support from a large number of major companies in the industry.

Fun is a serious business: flexibility and exclusivity

As a fully independent market player and fully neutral payment partner, Eroiy uses the NEM blockchain protocol as the basis for even faster and more efficient operations. The final programming steps, as well as a full integration of Eroiy within important groups of companies in the adult industry, will take place after the finalized ICO process, which runs through March 31, 2018.

The strategic interaction of all factors is crucial for everyone:

Token buyers can benefit from the ambitions and likely success of the cryptocurrency within the targeted global markets. Bonus programs, combined with exclusive information, privileges and reliable network setup increase the attractiveness of project financing.

Acceptance partners and other service providers – such as affiliates, who play a major role in adult entertainment – enjoy exciting partner and discount programs, which have low fees and are practically risk-free. So both parties can, depending on the project, make use of sharing options and low processing fees.

Consumers have more confidence in the industry through anonymity and high security and are therefore more willing to spend money on certain services or products. The increasing circulation of Eroiy and the growing number of acceptance partners would increase its value at best. Every market participant can win, including the consumer, who is to use Eroiy as a future payment method.

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Acceptance Partners:, Amarotic, Fundorado, Mark7Gear, Orgazmik,, OX7A69, CamasutraVR, Cherry, Cybersocket, Inet-Cash, MobiPier,, Lazeeva, Saboom, Everflow, MyFetishLIVE

Competence Partners: Everflow, Jestoro, Omnet, Swiss Media Group, BTC Express, Integrity Aristotle

Media Partners: AVN, Payout, Wasteland, Xbiz, Ynot

Trade Show Partners
: AVN, AW Summit, Bucharest Summit, Eurowebtainment, Internext, lalExpo, VENUS, Xbiz

About Eroiy

Eroiy is a Blockchain-based cryptocurrency specifically designed as an incognito payment alternative for the erotic industry. Eroiy is bank-independent, enabling anonymous transactions and exemption from fees. This technical development has the potential to become a game changer for the adult entertainment market with a total volume of around $100 billion.

Contact: Walter Hasenclever (PR Director)

Email: [email protected]


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