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The clip vendor ManyVids has developed a unique marketing strategy. The company has produced a documentary about its founder Bella French in order to get the brand name and company into a conversation about sex-positive, self-determined sex work. The movie is called #WeAreMany and is available on the video platform Vimeo.

The clip site operator ManyVids has announced a documentary about its previously anoymous founder. The movie is available on Vimeo’s video platform from May 23rd, according to the company.

The film focuses on the founder and CEO Bela French, who has risen from camgirl to chairwoman of a global clip empire. According to its own statement and self-presentation, the company is striving for a complete revolution of the sex industry. The credo of all clip sites like Clips4Sale and IWantClips has always been that the actors and models are able to get out of external exploitation by studios and producers by selling directly to their fans and thus produce exclusively independent content and build their own brand names. This explains the title and hashtag of the film: #WeAreMany.

The film was shot in the US and Canada – the unofficial center of the new porn conglomerates like MindGeek, Gamma and ManyVids. The focus lies on the rise of the founder of the clip site company. For Bella French direct sales and camgirl work is a self-determined act of liberation.

A spokesman for the company says: »ManyVids is transforming the adult industry into a haven that promotes sex positivity by providing the best tools available to help adult content creators to become successful entrepreneurs. ManyVids has 1.7 million active members and over 16,000 independent content creators who use the turnkey e-commerce platform to connect with their fans and grow their fanbase.«The company reports that it receives 59 million page views each month. ManyVids now offers 440,000 videos.

The speaker believes ManyVids is also a forum for self-expression and social debate. The performers on the site can express themselves completely freely and therefore act particularly authentically.

To watch the movie »#WeAreMany«, click here.



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