Dimoco Granted License By Austrian FMA


Fin-Tech payment processor Dimoco announced that the Vienna based FMA has awarded the company a license to operate under the Austrian Payment Service Act.

Dimoco is a self-proclaimed payment and messaging company working in the Fin-Tech sector. It has been founded in 2000. According to the company »Dimoco stimulates the creation of new payment and messaging services with the FinTech philosophy at its core. The group is trusted by global telecom carriers, card schemes, content publishers, large merchants and corporations.«

The Austrian FMA awarded a license to the company that allows Dimoco to offer merchants a single technical interface and a unified clearing and settlement process for many payment methods, including credit cards, online bank transfers, SEPA and direct debit cards.

A representative for the company said: »We differ from most PSPs in the global payments ecosystem with our personal touch. We proactively and personally monitor the overall payment process.«

He added: »In addition to monitoring individual transactions, we make recommendations and take actions to decrease chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. This process is not simply left to algorithms, the human element is added to the mix resulting in the protection of merchant revenues.«

The Austrian law firm PFR provided advice during the license application procedure.

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