Crowdfunding Success For Autoblow 2 With Artificial Intelligence

autoblow ai blowjob machine

The Autoblow 2, a blowjob simulator with artificial intelligence, will soon be available. A crowdfunding campaign to finance production has been successful. Inventor Brian Sloan is pleased about the immense response – and about a lot of money for his company.

According to the manufacturer of the Autoblow 2.0, 5,500 interested people from 64 countries around the world have raised more than three-quarters of a million dollars to make the dream of all men come true: An authentic blowjob simulation that also uses artificial intelligence to recognize the preferences of its users and learn from them.

The developers of Autoblow 2.0 have looked at several thousand hours of blowjobs and analyzed them scientifically. The team around inventor Brian Sloan found out that blowjobs consist of 16 movements called »building blocks«.

The A.I. version of the Autoblow uses a control unit in conjunction with infrared and magnetic field sensors. The aim is to manipulate the silicone shell at 250 different points so that a complex and differentiated range of stimulations and movements becomes possible, giving the user the illusion of getting a blow job that feels »authentic«.

Sloan says about his invention: »Twelve years ago when I sold my first Autoblow, most men were still masturbating into unhygienic rubber butts jammed into cheap plastic tubes. That shocked and inspired me into dedicating myself to invent devices that elevate my fellow man’s solo-sexual experience into one that feels real and creates deeper enjoyment and post-orgasm satisfaction. I’m proud to own the first sex toy company that applied the power of artificial intelligence to solve this important challenge.«

For more information on Autoblow 2.0 with Artificial Intelligence, click here. Watch the following video to learn more about the evolution of what may be a revolutionary product.



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