Controlling Sex Toys From Strangers? Lovense Offers Long-Distance Sex

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Lovense, a manufacturer of sex toys that can be controlled via app and web, connects its users through an online forum. There, users can take control of other users’ devices and control them remotely.

Lovense specializes in smart, app-controlled sex toys. So far, the Hong Kong manufacturer has mainly promoted the fact that couples can enjoy each other from a distance with their toys. Another possible application always seemed to be in the camgirl business.

But now the manufacturer wants to expand the scope of applications. Singles should also be able to have fun with the remote control function. Lovense has set up its own forum so that interested parties can find each other.

Companies as matchmakers: Lovense connects its customers

With the Lovense Life forum, customers of the company now have an easy way to find like-minded people who want to please each other. Control can be taken over with smart devices such as mobile phones, pads, but also with the desktop PC.

The platform allows users to get to know each other, chat with each other and have their own device controlled either partially or completely by strangers.

Apparently, the company has acquired a taste for playing matchmaker. In the future, a dating function will also be available on the manufacturer’s website. The special sexual preferences can be checked immediately, something which in traditional Dating Apps probably only comes to light after the couple had a few dates.

Remote control especially interesting for the cam industry

As already mentioned, the technology is of course also suitable for immersive experiences in the cam business. That’s why Lovense is targeting its platform towards actors and creators. Cam Models Lounge is a specially designed area for this purpose.

The company has also thought of software and app developers. Similar to the VENUS exhibitor LELO, Lovense wants third-party developers to be able to develop additional applications. The “Developers Corner” is available for exactly this purpose.

LELO also offers App controlled toys

And maybe as a European customer, you should take a closer look at the LELO offer, because Lovense is headquartered in Hong Kong and many of the transferred data can be extracted by the company. This is particularly relevant in view of the fact that Lovense is currently being sued in the USA. The app control supposedly enabled the company to read and transmit sensitive customer data without their knowledge.

LELO, on the other hand, takes data protection very seriously. The manufacturer, which will be present at VENUS Berlin in October, is based in Sweden. The link to the LELO website can be found here.

You can access the Lovense website here.


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