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Chanel Preston Launches Camsite for Mean Camgirls

Es gibt wachsende Nachfrage nach weiblicher Dominanz

Chanel Preston gründer mean girls

Porn star Chanel Preston has started her own webcam company. On MeanCamGirls.com dominant women and Dominas offer webcam services for customers who are looking for cam experiences with dominant women, beyond traditional BDSM.

Chanel Preston is one of the best-known performers in the industry. Like many top performers, she is also looking for opportunities to secure her place in the market for the time after ending her active career as a porn star. One of the still few lucrative fields is the webcam business. In the femdom and BDSM segments, Preston suspects further growth potential and has created a website that offers the services of dominant webcam girls.

She says: »There is a growing demand for female domination as it becomes a more mainstream niche. Combining the technology of webcam with women who want to dominate is the ultimate way to fulfill people’s fantasies of interacting with strong women who want to show off their superiority.«

The new entrepreneur emphasizes that she wants to free dominance and femdom from the grip of traditional BDSM so that the offers appeal to a larger audience that is primarily interested in dominance and not necessarily in pain or certain aspects of BDSM aesthetics.

She adds: »The webcam models on MeanCamGirls.com will include traditional femdom types but also girl-next-door types, MILFS, teens, etc. I want to expand the role of female domination and ensure that all women get an opportunity to exercise their skills in being mean.«

If you are interested in finding out more about the site or in becoming a model, click here.



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