CAM4 With New Swag Shop

CAM4 Merchandise Shop

The webcam network CAM4, which has also become known for its own productions and podcast series, has now set up a store for merchandising material. Thus the VENUS exhibitor offers its fans the opportunity for special gift ideas just in time for Christmas.

CAM4, the international cam operator with a large following, has loaded new merchandising articles into its own store for the coming holidays. Fans can now buy presents or stock up on new products such as sweaters, hoodies and bikinis.

The company writes: »The CAM4 Swag Store was launched in part as a tribute to all of the broadcasters and viewers who continue to work in the CAM4 community, especially after the tumult of this wild year. Fans and CAM4 favorites alike now have full access to the CAM4 merch table. COVID-conscious of course, the CAM4 Swag Store also offers a variety of fun branded masks.«

At CAM4, Ashley Jacobs is responsible for managing new content for the cam company’s performers and broadcasters. She says, »We were so inspired by the incredible feedback and demand we received for CAM4 specific clothing when we launched our co-branded partnerships with Chris Habana, The Museum of Sex, and New York City’s Lower East Side pop-up store. Because of this demand, we wanted to make an accessible line of swag that fans and broadcasters alike would truly enjoy. This line gives everyone who loves CAM4 the chance to get their hands on some of our coveted gear. The clothes are super-versatile, and much like CAM4, there truly is something for everyone.«

Here you can find the website of CAM4 and this link will take you directly to the fan article store, which is a little bit hidden on the german speaking branch not.


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