CAM4 Performers Can Win A Trip To Mexico

Tulum, Mexiko,

A trip to Tulum, Mexico, is up for grabs in CAM4’s latest contest, designed to challenge the provider’s content producers against each other.

A CAM4 spokesperson says of the new contest, »You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it all over social media, but have you truly visited Tulum the way you should? This out-of-the-box adventure focuses on the concept of exploring the world around you and sharing it with those you have dedicated your life to online. It is now time to bring them along for the ride!«

The contest runs from now until February 5. Winners will livestream from the vacation spot to share their travel experiences.

The company further writes, »Streaming live from the Mexican jungle, you and other creators will have a chance to dive deep into those sexual desires and change your environment. Let viewers see this remarkable oasis through your eyes. Experience local activities, workshops, and connect with like-minded creators.«

To enter the contest, you must create a 90-second video describing how streaming has improved your life and what adventures you hope to have along the journey. The resulting video must then be uploaded to TikTok- or Twitter- and tagged with the hashtags CAM4 and CAM4Tulum.

For more information, visit the CAM4 website.


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