CAM4 Celebrating Its 15th Anniversary

15th Birthday Cam4

CAM4 is turning its 15th anniversary into a full-month event, mainly designed to create additional opportunities for its thousands of performers and broadcasters.

The VENUS Berlin exhibitor CAM4 is inviting its performers to participate in the month long anniversary campaign for the webcam platform. A representative for the company commented, »With over 3 billion monthly views, CAM4 remains one of the leading webcam platforms in the world, welcoming creators and viewers with an array of tastes and interests.«

He added, »On any given day, over 50,000 people broadcast live on CAM4 from all over the world, with global fans tuning in and supporting these creators.«

CAM4 has since its beginnings been a company that was »providing a multitude of external opportunities, partnering with various sex worker advocacy groups along the way and supporting all genders, sexual preferences, body types and ethnicities,« the rep said.

By using the hashtag #CAM415, the platform and its performers hope to celebrate with their community the unique history of the cam site.

The rep also said, »With thousands of shows to tune into, we are welcoming everyone to join and urge anyone interested to start broadcasting live. Whether to connect with others who are celebrating, explore sexual interests, or simply test the waters as a creator, this is a judgment-free zone. It’s all about having fun and amplifying your voice.«

Addition information on CAM4 can be found on the website of the company.


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