Cam Site ImLive Offers Jobs To Sports Commentators

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The cam operator ImLive is offering a lifeline to sports commentators that are currently out of work due to the canceling of all live sports events. Some of them started to narrate everyday life situations as a joke on social media. Now they might earn a buck if they comment webcam shows for the company.

The lockdown measures by governments around the globe have an impact on everyone. But some people can’t do home office nor is their service essential. Some though have completely lost all job opportunities.

One million bucks for one Buck

But there is hope for a particularly hart hit profession. ImLive is offering job opportunities for sportscasters. As a start – and probably mainly as a marketing ploy – the webcam operator made a whopping 1 million dollar offer to the famous US sports commentator Joe Buck.

The famous sportscaster has gone to social media to use his lockdown time to comment on everyday life situations and random events by people sending him their videos. What started as a joke quickly raised his national profile and made him a viral sensation. Now he can cash in on his new stardom if he takes the webcam operators by his word. 1 million bucks for one Buck is not a bad deal.

Sportscasters Wanted To Narrate Live Cam Sessions

In a public statement, ImLive said that the company »has created a special section on its website for sports commentators to provide live play-by-play commentary for live adult cam shows for blind and visually impaired users.« Then it went out of its way and made the spectacular offer to grab global headlines: »To kickstart things, ImLive has extended an offer to national sportscaster Joe Buck to provide live play-by-play commentary for cam shows for $1,000,000. The site is also accepting applications from other national and local sports commentators.«

The question is if Buck is really interested or will play coy. Recently he indicated that people started to send him sexually explicit content to comment and live narrate. So maybe he can be tempted into a new and quite funny line of work.

Buck’s Quarantine Hobby Might Make Him Richer

The famous NFL and NHL sportscaster doesn’t need the money though. According to CelebrityNetworth he owns at least $15 million. He might also have inherited a fortune by his father who was legendary sportscaster Jack Buck.

A reporter for the Daily Caller wondered if porn scenes narrated by Joe Buck might be worth a look. He concluded: »Without hesitation. Without any hesitation at all, you know, for education and work purposes.« Sure. Strictly for work. That’s our motto, too, at Venus Adult News. Sex and Entertainment – only for work purposes.

Here are some examples of Joe Buck’s quarantine commentating everyday life events.



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